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Training and Education for You and Your Agency to Prevent Violence in the Workplace.

The AVADE® E-Learning Workplace Violence Prevention Training programs educate staff in dealing with real world scenarios and meets many of the compliance mandates set forth by federal and state regulatory agencies.

AVADE® E-Learning courses provide flexible options for you and your staff.

We would love to have you in one of our live training sessions, but we know that isn’t always possible. With AVADE® E-Learning programs you have the flexibility of offering around the clock training, while providing staff with education, prevention, and mitigation strategies for workplace violence.

AVADE® E-Learning Courses

Our growing courses will certify staff, reduce incidents of violence, while meeting your regulatory compliance. These easy to use E-Learning courses have an intuitive flow with interactive quizzes that make learning engaging and fun.

AVADE® Introduction to WPV Prevention
AVADE® WPV Prevention
AVADE® Healthcare WPV Prevention Prevention
AVADE® Healthcare WPV Prevention | Spanish Version
AVADE® Universal Precautions for WPV Prevention
AVADE® De-Escalation
AVADE® Active Shooter
AVADE® Home Health Care
AVADE® Handcuffing Tactics
AVADE® Pepper Spray Defense
AVADE E-Learning WPV Prevention
AVADE E-Learning Workplace Violence Prevention

AVADE® E-Learning programs are a targeted approach to the behavioral area of Workplace Violence.

A more intensive AVADE® Training session to include more in-depth de-escalation, self-defense, restraint training, hands-on exercises, role playing, and scenarios may be needed for employees who work in affected areas that have higher risks of associated violence.

AVADE® Training = Education, Prevention, & Mitigation

The following form will assist us in providing the most accurate and relevant information for your Workplace Violence Prevention Training needs. An AVADE® Training representative will contact you within 24 hours. We want to assure you that the agency information you provide us will be kept private at all times, and will only be used for assisting you in violence prevention training. Thank you in advance! We look forward to helping you and your agency.

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