AVADE® Introduction to Workplace Violence Prevention E-Learning Course


The AVADE® Introduction to Workplace Violence Prevention E-Learning course meets the requirements for State & Federal agency compliance as well as OSHA’s General Duty Clause.

This E-Learning course is the most complete, current, & comprehensive program for preventing and mitigating violence in the workplace.


Course Length

Course length is 30 minutes for your average learner.

Key Benefits

  • Education, prevention, & mitigation for violence in the workplace.
  • Web-based curriculum that can be accessed anywhere there is online availability.
  • Responsive for desktop & mobile devices.

E-Learning Topics

  • Introduction to Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Universal Precautions for Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Awareness of Workplace Violence Risks
  • Vigilance for Violence in the Workplace
  • The Assault Cycle of Violence
  • Strategies to Avoid Physical Harm
  • Emergency Codes & Responses
  • Reporting Incidents of Workplace Violence
  • And more!

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