AVADE® Handcuffing Tactics™ E-Learning Course


The AVADE® Handcuffing Tactics™ E-Learning is designed to give public safety officers an educational learning platform for reducing injury and liability risk when handcuffing a subject.

AVADE® Handcuffing Tactics™ E-Learning is not a substitute for live skills based learning. This course provides an educational foundation for Handcuffing Tactics.


Course Length

Course length is 60 minutes for your average learner.

Key Benefits

  • Knowledge & understanding of how handcuffs properly function.
  • Increase awareness of how handcuffs are placed, fitted, & positioned on a subject.
  • Recognize tactical positioning when
    applying handcuffs.
  • Understand tactical methods for handcuffing subjects in a standing, kneeling, or prone position.
  • Tips & warnings in regard to handcuffing subjects.

E-Learning Topics

  • Handcuffing Tactics Introduction
  • Handcuffing Nomenclature
  • Proper Placement, Fit, & Position
  • Subject Positioning & Approach
  • Standing Subject Handcuffing
  • Kneeling Subject Handcuffing
  • Prone Subject Handcuffing
  • Handcuffing Tips & Warnings
  • Post-Incident Response & Documentation

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