AVADE® Active Shooter E-Learning Course


The AVADE® Active Shooter E-Learning is designed to give staff an introduction to the risk prevention & mitigation of an Active Shooter incident.

Our E-Learning course prepares staff for in-person AVADE® Active Shooter Training. AVADE® Level II Active Shooter uses exercises & drills to further increase the chance of survival during an Active Shooter incident.


Course Length

Course length is 45 minutes for your average learner.

Key Benefits

  • Increase awareness & education.
  • Prevent & mitigate injuries to staff.
  • Reduce liability risk & unnecessary media attention.
  • Comply with Federal & State guidelines.
  • Train your staff to respond to threatening situations.
  • Empower all of your staff to create a culture of safety.

E-Learning Topics

  • Active Shooter Awareness
  • Don’t Give Them Any Honor!
  • What We Know About Active Shooters
  • Vigilance for Violence
  • Who Commits Violence
  • YOU Have the Right to Defend Yourself
  • The Stress Continuum
  • Escape-Escape-Escape
  • Hide, Call & Barricade
  • Attack the Attacker
  • Law Enforcement, Post-Incident Response & Documentation
  • Don’t Give Them Any Honor!

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or email: info@personalsafetytraining.com

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