To Serve and Protect


To SERVE and PROTECT is a book for individuals involved in public safety and in professions where conflict and aggression are prevalent. If you’re a police officer, security officer, ER nurse, bartender, EMT, or anyone who deals with upset and disgruntled people, this book is for you and everyone who serves but needs to be safe while doing so.

This book is not your typical quick-fix, smile-and-be-happy customer service training book. To SERVE and PROTECT goes far beyond the superficial customer service techniques; this book will teach you how to develop habitual customer service responses while maintaining safety in the workplace.

Author David Fowler has dedicated his life to serving and protecting others. He has spent the last two decades providing service andprotection to a variety of clients throughout the US and Canada. As the founder and president of Personal Safety Training Inc., David has written many books and training programs on personal safety and violence in the workplace.

In To SERVE and PROTECT, David brings real life insight and customer service experience to the people who protect us.


In this book you will learn:

  • How to develop customer service habits
  • How to de-escalate upset and aggressive customers
  • How attitude can turn negative situations into positive ones
  • That customer complaints are opportunities
  • How to de-stress yourself and be calm during incidents
  • That your presence is a continual state of communication
  • What to do to establish and build long term customer relationships
  • How to provide customer service using modern technology
  • That customers are NOT always right, but they are still the customer