Handcuffing Tactics™ Digital Student Guide


Empower officers by increasing awareness, knowledge, and skills with regard to: handcuffing techniques, control and restraint, and defensive tactics techniques.

The AVADE® Handcuffing Tactics™ Training program is designed for public safety officers to reduce the potential of injury and liability risk when lawfully restraining and controlling a violent or aggressive individual.

The tactics and techniques in this training curriculum are for incidents where the public safety officer is lawful and justified in applying a restraining device (handcuffs) to a subject.

When situations are escalated and YOU need tactics and skills for controlling someone who is violent and out of control, the AVADE® Handcuffing Tactics™ Training program is the solution.

Note: Once the digital guide is opened, user access will expire after two years.

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  • 101-249: $6.95 ea.
  • 250+: $5.95 ea.

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In this training program you will learn:

  • Defensive tactics fundamentals
  • Handcuffing nomenclature
  • Proper placement and position
  • Handcuffing positioning and approach
  • Standing handcuffing
  • Kneeling handcuffing
  • Prone handcuffing
  • One arm takedown technique
  • Handcuffing tips and warnings
  • Post-incident response and documentation
  • And more!