Defense Baton™ Student Guide


Empower officers by increasing awareness, knowledge, and skills with regard to: use-of-force, self-defense, and defense of others with a defensive baton.

The AVADE® Defense Baton™ Training program designed for public safety officers to reduce the potential of injury and liability risk when lawfully defending themselves or controlling a violent or aggressive individual.

The tactics and techniques in this training curriculum are intended to give the trainee the basic understanding of self-defense, use of force, reasonable force, and basic legal definitions of force.

When situations are escalated and YOU need tactics and skills for defending yourself and others from someone who is violent and out of control, the AVADE® Defense Baton™ Training program is the solution.

Bulk Pricing Discount* Offered:

  • 101-200: $10.00 ea.
  • 201-500: $8.00 ea.
  • 500+: $6.00 ea.

*Pricing Discount Is Reflected at Checkout.


In this training program you will learn:

  • Baton awareness
  • Use of force and self-defense
  • Baton nomenclature
  • Defensive tactics fundamentals
  • Baton handling positions
  • Baton blocking techniques
  • Defensive counter techniques
  • Baton control techniques
  • Baton retention techniques
  • Post-incident response and documentation
  • And more!