AVADE® Corporate Basic Digital Student Guide


Violence in the workplace is a serious safety and health issue.

The AVADE® Corporate Basic Student Guide is a practical, insightful training manual which provides informative, proactive prevention strategies, and defensive interventions that can help you escape aggressive situations and even save your life.

Crime and violence in healthcare is increasing, a healthcare organization’s overall plan should include strategies to prevent and mitigate the risk of violence to all workers.

Note: Once the digital guide is assigned, user access will expire after two years.

Bulk Pricing Discount* Offered:

  • 101-249: $6.95 ea.
  • 250+: $5.95 ea.

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AVADE® Training will equip you to:

  • Increase your awareness and vigilance
  • Take response-ability for your personal safety
  • Identify risk factors that may lead to violence
  • Recognize emerging situations before they turn violent
  • Understand the phases and indicators of the Assault Cycle
  • De-Escalate individuals who are upset, stressed, angry, and intoxicated
  • Understand the factors related to physical assault on staff
  • Defend yourself and others from an assault
  • Survive an Active Shooter situation
  • Properly respond post-incident and document effectively
  • And more!