AVADE® Instructor Requirements & Guidelines

Please acknowledge the following requirements and guidelines for becoming an AVADE® Instructor by clicking on the button below. These requirements and guidelines must be adhered to for Personal Safety Training Inc. to recognize your certification and the certifications of the staff you will train.

Requirements & Guidelines

  • Once Certified, the new instructor(s) shall provide training in the associated AVADE® Training program to individuals within YOUR agency only
  • Each person trained in the associated AVADE® Training program(s) must receive an AVADE® Student Guide for all certifications. The certified AVADE® Instructor is responsible for purchasing the student guides from Personal Safety Training Inc. *Copying of the guides is strictly prohibited by copyright laws.
  • Every individual (student) trained in the associated AVADE® Training program(s) must be registered with Personal Safety Training Inc.

  • Instructors are required to upload all required student paperwork within seven (7) days to Personal Safety Training Inc. This process will be explained during your instructor training course(s).

By continuing, you acknowledge you have read the requirements and guidelines.