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Personal Safety Training Inc.
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 12 reviews
by Joel Fairfield on Personal Safety Training Inc.

Hello David and Genelle, great instruction and just in time. Our facility is transitioning from another safety program to AVADE. Two days after I finished the instructor's course in Greeley Colorado, our Emergency Department had to call a "code grey" which is to say I was in close with a patient who went from agitated to violent. I used the escort technique to move the patient to a treatment room. We decided to administer medication to help reduce the patients anxiety and as soon as the needle hit the skin the patient became violent. As the only AVADE trained nurse in the room, the real time teaching began. I stayed in the rear 45 position controlling the patient's elbow. He was swinging wildly and I used a shoulder block to successfully deflect his punch, while everyone else was ducking and covering. I then moved him quickly to a left arm rear control technique to move this patient to the gurney. He was directed to lay on the gurney as I coached nurses back into control positions just like in class. We ultimately moved him to mechanical restraints and chemical restraints to safety care or the patient and ourselves. The senior hospital leadership watched as this all took place and expedited. Thanks for your great teaching, coaching and mentoring.

by Thomas Guarino on Personal Safety Training Inc.
AVADE (3-Day Instructor) 2019---A Preparation for Success---

Hello David and Genelle,

I want to thank you for the refreshing newness that you brought to MY thoughts of hospital security. Although I had my concerns about the AVADE curriculum, as I had told you that last day..., I bought in! You did that through your teaching and delivery. My history in Corrections had to be realigned mentally and physically to meet both health-field demands and the cameras. The camera is always rolling! Not only is the patient watching us, but so is the general population. You helped me to fight through some of those challenges; and gave me more wisdom in regard to having a plan while continuing to run through those "what if?" scenarios. I know that tactically we would play those "what if?" moments over and over in our minds in the prison world. But out here in the hospital world, life has to be as "eloquent" as possible. Open hands and open hearts don't always come easy, however, you both presented a wonderful class that reminded me that even in our work, we are here for something greater than ourselves. Faith has brought me to understand and believed that in this short life, it's not how long we have lived, as much as it is how we have lived in this life. It's that small dash between the birth date and the end date. How did we utilize that dash? Thanks for being part of the dash in between those dates. Be well, stay strong, stay safe, and keep the growing going. You are following a destiny. It was a pleasure and a privilege to spend time in your presence and in your classes.

You're Both a Blessing,
~Thomas Guarino

Lahey Clinic Security

by Joseph Rodriguez on Personal Safety Training Inc.
Best hands on training!

I recently had the great opportunity to attend Dave's Instructor training classes. Knowing that the training I have received, I am more confident in my skills and ability to train others.

Dave's classes are not the boring sit down and watch PowerPoint slides. These are true hands on training classes that will build your confidence and enhance your skills to a new level.

Dave and Patrick are honorable men. You will not be disappointed attending their classes.

by Joey Hunter on Personal Safety Training Inc.
Most Important Training you will ever receive

As a 32 year Director of Security, I can say AVADE is one of the best training programs you could ever send your staff through. We have seen our injury rates reduced from as high as 95% in one year, since training our associates in the AVADE Training principles. If you are thinking about changing your program to something more effective. I highly recommend that you go with AVADE. I can't say enough good things about Dave Fowler and his team.

by Shawn P Ives on Personal Safety Training Inc.
Work Place Violence & Active Shooter

This training program is the Gold Standard!! Dave Fowler Master Instructor is fantastic . ! Knowledgeably, interactive, current with advanced understanding of the world and work place environment we actually live in..

I have 32 years experience in Security field, both private and military, with multiple certifications in different areas. And I thought I knew it all until I attended the AVADE training programs.

Mr. Fowler it was an honor attending you classes.. Can wait to come back!!!

Shawn P Ives, CSS CPOI, CPO
Security Operations Manager
Rocky Gap Casino

by Kevin Litzenberger on Personal Safety Training Inc.
Security Supervisor Providence St Johns Health Center

I have worked with Dave and his co-instructors for over 10 years now. Each time, Dave comes forth with great reviews in Customer Service, and various class curriculum that focuses not only on workplace violence training but, everyday safety training for everywhere I go.

With Dave's training, I feel much more confident with myself in response to a volatile incident. Knowing that the training that I have received, and have in memory will keep me safer than if I didn't have it. Dave has produced many training programs for all kinds of aggressive circumstances that vary from inside a cramped room, to a large room, with no partner or with backup. His curriculum includes early warning signs, which are the most important to keep yourself out of harms way, but also to protect yourself and others, as you are able to respond early enough to protect yourself, and at the same time protecting the staff and even the aggressor from harm.

Believe me, you may work up a sweat before the hands-on class is over, but its WORTH IT! There is nothing better than having confidence before you arrive to a scene, knowing that when you get there, you already know how to respond/protect yourself, because you know how to handle the situation. Dave's classes build your confidence, which I believe there is no other instructor out there that is any better. Dave is an excellent instructor, and our organization has brought him back many times, as our staff ask for him! This doesn't necessarily mean that Dave will be their instructor. His assistants are excellent too, which is what they are overall asking for, thus Dave knows how to pick good assistants, as this comes from his professional ability to choose professionals who will provide exceptional customer service. If it isn't actually Dave, its still Dave. And another reason he has been brought back is his value (price), which beats everyone else out there.

Thank you Dave, I took the time to write this because I want others to know about you and your training, as it is priceless!

Kevin Litzenberger, Security Superivisor St. Johns Medical Center, Santa Monica, CA

by Kullan Voegeli on Personal Safety Training Inc.
Highly Recommended

David Fowler and AVADE have been invaluable in providing our security officers with knowledge and confidence in maintaining safety during physical events. Not only does the AVADE program give a solid foundation of defensive tactics; it also emphasizes how important culture, attitude, and mental preparedness is to all of us in the workplace.

by Becky Hill-Skates on Personal Safety Training Inc.

The AVADE program has not only improved our safety but has changed the culture and improved our focus on patient safety as well as staff safety. This is a great program that will drive positive change in your organization.

by Roy King on Personal Safety Training Inc.
Security Director

The training provided was exceptional and was well received by all that attended. Looking forward to bringing PSTI back.

by Harold Hunter D.P.A. on Personal Safety Training Inc.
Outstanding instructions

Outstanding and Knowledgeable Instructors, Great training courses.

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